Study Space

Ontario’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. Changes will likely occur as the province and its municipalities adjust to new data about the virus. In these circumstances, please be advised that changes to the availability of space on campus, may become necessary during the academic year.

There is a wealth of study space available to students in the MD program, to accommodate the full range of study practices, whatever the subject, group size, or hours!


St. George Campus

Medical Student Lounge
The Ruth Kurdyak Medical Alumni Student Lounge is located in the C. David Naylor Student Commons area, Room 2171B. This lounge is exclusively for medical students, and provides a great space for students to relax, eat, play pool, and socialize with peers. There is also a ‘looking glass’ that corresponds to the ‘looking glass’ located at MAM, enabling private student meetings to be video-conferenced between campuses.

Undergraduate Medical Student Study Space
Students on the St. George campus benefit from the Undergraduate Medical Student Study Space located at 263 McCaul Street, which opened in 2012 based directly on student feedback. This space, which is available 24/7 exclusively for medical student and PA student use, is equipped with a mixture of study carrels, open seating, small-group study rooms, and “ASCM” rooms for physical examination practice, as well as a small lunch room. Wireless access is available throughout the space, and there are a number of laptops provided for students who do not bring their own. The Study Space is secure and accessed by card keys issued to medical students only. Located on the fifth floor of 263 McCaul Street, the space is easily accessed by walking across the street from the MSB, and through the Health Sciences Building (155 College St.), via the second-floor walkway.

Discovery Commons
Through an agreement with the Discovery Commons (DC), the computer lab 3172 is available for after-hours and weekend use by medical students (except when previously reserved for other activities). Students from various programs are also welcome to use the computers in the DC foyer 24/7, and may also use the computer labs when not booked for classes or meetings.

Gerstein Science Information Centre and other University of Toronto libraries
Like all students at the University of Toronto, medical students have access to all University of Toronto libraries for study purposes. A range of group and individual seating options are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The MD Program has arranged with the Gerstein Science Information Centre for earlier opening times on Sundays and extended hours on the Fridays prior to Foundations exams. For library hours, please see


UTM Campus

Terrence Donnelly Health Science Complex
MAM students have exclusive 24/7 access to the Academy space in the TDHSC and are welcome to use the small-group / clinical skills rooms on a first come, first served basis or whenever they are not booked. Upon request to MAM administrative staff, additional available classroom space will be unlocked.

UTM Library (Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre)
As UTM students, MAM students have access to the considerable study space available at the HMALC. A range of group and individual seating options are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For library hours, please see

Elsewhere on the UTM Campus
There are various study locations available for students on campus. They are categorized and described (by noise level, time, and location) at



All of the Academy sites provide study space to their students, including both group and individual seating options.