Awards for Students

The Faculty offers a limited number of merit­-based scholarships in each year of study, which are awarded based on a number of different criteria, including academic standing, community or Faculty involvement, and extracurricular activities. Some of these awards also take demonstrated financial need into consideration. Most of these scholarships require no application, and for those that do, applications are distributed to all potentially eligible students (based on year of study) by e­mail. The monetary value of all scholarships is variable and should, in most cases, be considered of a supplementary nature.

These scholarships have been established through the generosity of our donors, both private individuals and corporate bodies. They are described at:­-scholarships, under the following categories:

  • Admission Awards
  • In-Course Awards
  • Elective Awards
  • Awards Requiring Application
  • Convocation Awards
  • Undergraduate Medical Program Medalists
  • Research Support (CREMS)

Other types of financial assistance, including bursary and loan programs, are administered by the Office of Student Financial Services.


Awards for Teachers

Teaching and education awards are granted each year in recognition of individual teachers’ excellent contributions. Internal awards are granted at the Department, Academy, program, and Faculty levels, and prestigious external awards are offered by the University of Toronto and various provincial, national, and international agencies.

MD Program Awards

For details, see:


Medical Alumni Association Awards
The Medical Alumni Association (MAA) presents awards and prizes to both students and faculty members at the Convocation Banquet and throughout the year in recognition of clinical and academic excellence. Most MAA award decisions are made by the Undergraduate Awards Committee. For more information, please visit contact the MAA.


Internal  Awards

For information about Departmental, Academy, and Program awards, please visit each unit’s webpage.

Faculty-wide awards are granted in the following areas:

  • Undergraduate Medical Education
  • Undergraduate Teaching in the Life Sciences
  • Integrated Medical Education (Community Teaching Awards)
  • Graduate Education
  • Postgraduate Education
  • Continuing Education and Professional Development

For more information about internal awards, please visit: