Career Advising System

During their time in the MD Program, students have multiple avenues to explore possible career options, including electives and selectives, the FMLE course, extra­curricular observerships and other shadowing opportunities (particularly those under the Enriching Educational Experiences program), career counselling offered by the Office of Learner Affairs (OLA), and experiences available at each Academy.


Career Counselling

Career counselling appointments and group information sessions are offered to medical students in all years by the professional counsellors in the Office of Learner Affairs (OLA). The goal of career counselling is to help guide students to determine what kind of physician they aspire to become and manage their career development. Career development is a process of self­-assessment, exploration, decision-­making, and implementation that begins on the first day of medical school and continues through the following four years.

For a full description of OLA’s Career Management programming and resources, or to learn how to schedule an appointment with a career counsellor, visit the OLA website:


Director, Career Advising System

Career Exploration brings together meaningful personal and clinical experiences, and consolidates during the fourth-­year CaRMS application period. Working within the Office of Learner Affairs (OLA), the Director and Assistant Director, Career Advising System is a physician resource for students, staff and faculty. The Director and Assistant Director, Career Advising System can assist with issues pertaining to the Enriching Educational Experiences Program, the maintenance and development of extracurricular clinical initiatives organized by Departments and Divisions of the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, Global Health activities, and the Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP). The Director and Assistant Director also work closely with the career counsellors of the OLA.

For more information, visit the Career Counselling section of the OLA webpage:


Academy Career and Transitions (ACT) Leads

The Academy Career and Transitions Leads at each of the four MD Program academies assist in providing timely, equitable, consistent and knowledgeable guidance on career and electives planning for MD students from year 1 to 4. The Academy Career and Transitions Leads organize and execute mandatory advising sessions with students at the Academy sites. They are also available to meet with students as needs arise during the academic year with regard to advice and counselling related to electives and the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) process.


Enriching Educational Experiences (EEE)

The Enriching Educational Experiences (EEE) Program provides students with opportunities for self-directed clinical placements that focus primarily on early career exploration and help them behaviorally explore different practice settings, specialties and contexts. 

For students in the Foundations Curriculum, the EEE Program is situated within the formal curriculum as part of the larger Integrated Clinical Experiences (ICE) Component.  For all other students, Enriching Educational Experiences remain non-curricular, but are very important for career exploration and development.

EEE activities typically involve one or several half-day placements during which students observe and selectively engage in delegated and graded responsibilities commensurate with their level of experience and knowledge and at the supervisor's discretion.

For more details on the EEE Program, visit the Foundations Course websites on Elentra, or the MD Program webpage: