Degree Requirements

All students, regardless of campus or academy assignment, will complete the same course of studies over four academic years, leading to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.  During the program, students are encouraged to take responsibility for ensuring that they make satisfactory progress toward achieving the MD Program's Key and Enabling Competencies at graduation.  The MD Program facilitates each student's achievement of the Competencies by setting aside protected time for independent study, providing ongoing formative assessment, and ensuring fair and equitable criteria are used for promotion.

Requirements for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree

Students must maintain registration in good standing for the duration of each of the four years of the MD program, including mask fitting and other registration requirements.

To ensure their own safety and the safety of the patients they encounter during training, students in the MD Program must remain in compliance with the COFM Technical Skills Requirements, COFM Policy on Immunization, and COFM Blood Borne Pathogen Policy throughout their registration in the program, up to the time of graduation.

In order to be awarded the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree at a convocation ceremony of the University of Toronto, the Board of Examiners must certify that each student has fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Credit (CR) in all courses in years 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the MD curriculum, including the integrated Objective Structured Clinical Examination - iOSCE (OSC410Y)
  • Satisfactory completion of the required number of weeks of approved and assessed elective experiences, in compliance with AFMC and MD Program electives policies. 
  • Satisfactory professionalism competency, as evidenced by professionalism assessments across all four years of the program


Time to Complete the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree

The Statement on time to completion of program requirements provides details on the maximum time to complete the MD Program requirements:

The minimum time to complete the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree is 4 years from initial registration.

The maximum time to complete the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree is 8 years from initial registration.

The maximum time for students to complete the combined MD/PhD degree is 11 years from initial registration.