Standards for timely completion of student assessment and release of marks

These standards are informed by and should be implemented in accordance with the expectations and requirements of CACMS accreditation element 9.8, Fair and Timely Summative Assessment.

These standards apply to all required learning experiences, defined as required and transcripted courses and clerkship rotations.

For all required learning experiences, each student component assessment (evaluation forms, examination results, etc.) must be released to the students within six weeks of the assessment completion of the activity to be assessed. Earlier release is encouraged. Individual adherence to this deadline is to be monitored by the course director. Regardless of whether the course director elects to delegate this task to an administrative assistant, the overall responsibility for compliance remains with the course director.

The final grade in each course is to be recorded within the appropriate student information system(s), as determined by the MD Program, and must be made available to students no later than six weeks following the end of the required learning experience. Earlier release is encouraged. In exceptional circumstances, an individual student’s assessments and/or final course grade may be delayed; in this situation, the student must be notified of the reasons for delay. Under no circumstances should the release of assessments or grades to an entire class or group of students be delayed beyond the timeframes named above.

Students should be advised of sub-standard performance as soon as this information is available, in advance of the deadlines noted above where possible.

Teachers or course directors who persistently fail to meet the six-week assessment and/or final grade deadline will be brought to the attention of their Department Chair and/or the Associate Dean, MD Program by the Foundations Director, Clerkship Director, and/or MD Program Office of Evaluations and Assessments.

Note: The Christmas/New Year holiday period when the University of Toronto is closed does not count towards the six week timeline for the release of assessments and final course grades describe above.


Date of original adoption: 19 April 2011
Date of last amendment: 12 March 2019