Learner Mistreatment Guideline^

Important: This Protocol is NOT for emergency use.

Students concerned about impending harm to themselves or others should call 911 or seek immediate assistance from onsite security or other authorities. Students should make a subsequent disclosure/report as described in this Protocol, only after safety is ensured.

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine's Learner Mistreatment Guideline is a revision to preceding program or departmental level guidelines on mistreatment, unprofessional behaviours, discrimination, harassment, or other concerning behaviours towards learners. 

This revision replaces the MD Program Student Mistreatment Protocol (approved in March 2020), and the PGME Guidelines for Managing Disclosures of Learner Mistreatment (approved January 2021), and any pre-existing guidelines within the Physician Assistant, Medical Radiation, or clinical Rehabilitation Sciences Programs. These Guidelines have been written with consideration of other foundational policies and procedures within Temerty Medicine, University of Toronto, Ontario Human Rights Code, as well as accreditation requirements of affected programs as of Fall 2023.